Discover how to use a simple square of fabric to beautifully wrap gifts of any shape or size—with Wrapagami. Inspired by the traditional Japanese fabric wraps known as furoshiki, Jenn shows exactly how to use fabric to create modern, eco-friendly (they’re reusable) gift wraps. It’s so easy—all you need is a square piece of fabric— and with a few simple twists and ties, you can creatively wrap a wide variety of shapes from simple rectangles to more challenging shapes. Clear written instructions, easy-to-follow diagrams, and beautiful photos of the finished wraps make it easy to wrap expertly the first time. Jenn shows the basic techniques for every shape, and presents twenty-five stunning wraps, complete with decorative embellishments for every occasion. Also included are innovative ideas galore for using wrapagami every day (carry your lunch, and then use the wrap as a picnic blanket) and reusing the wraps (to wrap again, or repurpose in a multitude of ways). Let Wrapagami inspire you to start a new tradition!
$20.00 CAD